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piktogramas's Journal

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Kaosah's icon/graphic journal.
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Icon journal
♥ Piktogramas

This is the icon journal of kaosah
This is my journal where I will post graphics that I make. These will be made for public use, and most of what I post will be icons. And perhaps the occasional mood theme!

♥ Rules

Here are the rules:
~ If you do use, please comment, I always like feedback ^^ I want to hear your thoughts, and perhaps tips on how to improve.

~ You must credit when you use them. You can credit them to piktogramas. Credit should be put under the comment section of the icon when you upload it.

~ Please DO NOT alter any of my graphics and claim them as your own!

Thanks :)

♥ Affiliates

Send a message to kaosah if you would like to be affiliates :)

♥ Credits

Icon resources can be found here

Profile codes by: fading_melody.
Layout by:velvetb0x
Audrey Kawasaki art Moodtheme by: heartfatality

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